Winning laziness!

Gym it out

Lately, I have been sluggish. I struggle to get out of bed in the morning. Maybe it is because we are in the middle of the spring season, and in Italian, we have a way of saying that goes “Aprile dolce dormire”, which translates in English as “April sweet dreams. Or is it because My Bamboo Story is taking a toll on me? When I decided to become an online entrepreneur, I never thought it would be so draining. In fairness, to some friends did warn me about the high hills to climb ahead, but of course, the enthusiasm for the new venture brings you to dismiss the advice. And I come up with justification such as “I am better than the others, I can do this”, “I can control work-life balance, actually even better now is all up to me!” “I will make up for all the time that I spent on less relevant projects” whatever were my launching objectives, I am struggling to follow them. My Bamboo Story is taking a toll on me. I need a work-life balance strategy, and I believe that where I can find some consul is in sport.

If you have read other BLOGS of mine, I am a Bikram yoga fan; I love following the discipline; it brings structure into my daily life and allows me to breathe deeply and profoundly. The exercises work my core; the 90 minutes of sweat and posture are divine to keep my mind and body busy and my business venture out of my head and thoughts. For how much I struggle to start my daily practice, once I am in the class, I can only go with the flow and energy of the other yogis, and the rest of my life business is out, shout out. There is no more space for laziness; the mat and the yoga Bamboo block will get me going. I am not sure how many of you have done Bikram Yoga or are fans of the practice; however, it is a hardcore sport to practice, but the benefits that come at the end of the session, just when you say “Namaste” and you give grace for the lesson and the learning that you got from the importance of breathing. When you understand that you are not lazy, you need a different mind and body break to energize again and keep up with the fast speed of the online retail business. I put lots of energy into My Bamboo Story business venture, and I find what I do extremely interesting. I have learned many things that I did not know about the processes, new software, coding, marketing, hackers attacks from other countries or parallel industries. I have found solutions to problems that I did not even know existed, but my tiredness was where I was not prepared. In the beginning, I thought it was laziness, and with a second assessment, I understood it was just me not being able to sort out my time and prioritize correctly and that My Bamboo Story was taking a tool.

If you believe you cannot do it yourself, ask a friend to become your sports buddy or hire a pro; a bit more expensive as a solution but still a viable option to achieve your objective. Again, what works for you is what matters; what is essential is that you make your way out of this feeling of laziness and regain full access to your internal strengths because that strength is giving me the wellness of dealing with my business venture.

Sports and work out helped me immensely to re-balance my energy, and even if at the beginning it seemed ridiculous that the more tired I was and instead of relaxing, I chose a hardcore workout to get me out of my troubles, but now I know I did well. I feel superb. Maybe Bikram Yoga is not everyone’s solution; perhaps you all have another sport that can help you keep laziness out of your life; then go for it, but if you do not have one, you may need to look for what can work well for you. Just make it happen, get that energy kick into your life, and the uphills will become smoother; I even enjoy finding new solutions to new problems that arise daily in the My Bamboo Story venture. What would have I done if I did not have Bikram Yoga…. probably drag myself around and be less successful in running My Bamboo Story. I felt like I wanted to share my experience and I hope my sharing will help someone out there that is reading. Do not forget to breath in and breath out.




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