Walking into autumn strategy.

  1. I took a break and freshened up my mind by touring around for vacation and accepting different challenges.
  2. I looked at the data; 6 months after launch, I decided that the data were solid enough to base a decision on. So, I did. I looked at what sold, what was appreciated by customers, selected suppliers, and devested some products and countries. I made some changes.
  3. Of course, communication is part of the “Walking into autumn strategy”, and in fact, there will be an adjustment to the website, but also a creation of a brand that will engage with high-end bamboo fiber products like “Bella’s scarves and stoles”, which is the newly created collection about Made in Italy, 100% bamboo fiber scarves and stoles.
  4. I am stocking up for the festive season. For My Bamboo Story is the first stock-up, and I must understand customer moods about what they want, what they need and how much they want to spend on gifts. Again, it is data that is driving most of the decisions.
  5. Delivery, delivery, delivery. My Bamboo Story is an online-only retailer. I need to ensure that what customers buy gets delivered to their front door!



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Denise D’Elia

Denise D’Elia

I want to keep on Enrich!ing myself by constantly adding new skills and experiences. Founder of www.mybamboostory.com