My Bamboo Story? Because there is always a story behind any decision.

Let’s start with the website’s name; why did I choose it? Because behind any decision, there is always a story to tell. And I wanted my story to be told and heard several times because the sustainability and eco-friendly lifestyle that we embrace is important for our future.

At the same time, I am a strong supporter of technology and the use of sound technology. My Bamboo Story is a brand that wants to blend natural and sustainable bamboo objects with high tech components. And here starts my entrepreneurship story that I want to share with you, and together we can discover the rewards and the challenges that I will face in this journey. My Bamboo story has been in the making for four months, choosing the natural material, preparing the tech platforms, forming the concept, choosing the providers and the products that will differentiate us from other retailers, marketing, and selecting the crew members who will share the story with me in the foreseeable future.

I started to think about opening an online retailer that would keep me connected to nature during the covid lockdown. I understood that nature was so essential to my life that I had to have always it with me, whatever I was doing. I concerted that the way forward was to surround myself with natural and sustainable daily use products. I started to research Bamboo, and I was stunned with the multiple-use that it could convert into an eco-friendly products, and my search confirmed that Bamboo would be the answer to my quest. My Bamboo Story will help me make my small everyday changes to leap into a more sustainable lifestyle. However, I did not want to give up on technological gadgets. I soon appreciated that what I wanted was not easy to find and time-consuming to search online, but I had to do it. If I felt the need, maybe someone else was feeling the same condition but could not spell it out? Could not tell their story? I am thrilled with what I have created until now with My Bamboo Story. Come and visit us and give us feedback.

Still, I have many challenges to prove my marketplace, the value of the products that I choose for new potential customers, how I can bring nature and technology together to improve our lifestyle respecting nature and without giving up the usefulness that technology brings into our everyday life. For now, I am investing time in many BLOGs where I start to tell the story. I also create collections of products to allow potential customers to see what atmosphere can be achieved by combining products differently. In the end, it is all about the story that you want to share with your audience or friends or potential customers. If you are struggling to tell your story, pls feel free to reach out. My Bamboo Story Crew.




I want to keep on Enrich!ing myself by constantly adding new skills and experiences. Founder of

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Denise D’Elia

Denise D’Elia

I want to keep on Enrich!ing myself by constantly adding new skills and experiences. Founder of

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