The product of your future venture.

How did it happen that I became an online entrepreneur? Firstly I had to decide what I wanted to become, and to do so; I used process from my consultancy venture. It helped to genuinely streamline my aspiration and how I would see myself in future years. Above all, it helped me assess my knowledge and competencies and invest in upgrading my skills if I wanted to succeed. The world is changing, and we need to factor it into a life increasing in terms of length and quality. Ageing well is ever more critical.

Let me share my FLIP process, a tool that helps me every time I desire to add new skills and experiences into a very fulfilled life, every time change appears on the horizon FLIP kicks in ….and the new Enrich! ed journey begins.” Denise 14/4/2020

And that is how it started. I applied the four steps of the process, which are 1. Foresee 2. Line up 3. Initiate 4. Purpose. When I implement new ideas or I brainstorm new ideas, in the end, I need structure if I want to maximise the time that I have invested.

The structure helped me see the future, line up my objectives, unearth my knowledge weakness, and find the venture’s purpose.

These very early days as an entrepreneur have confirmed to me what I had heard from many, that time is a very scarce resource, especially if you are doing the job on your own. And the process helped me confirm my intention to define a plan with milestones and measurable objectives.

Well, then, the first managerial challenge that I embraced was the product. What will I sell, why I would choose it, and why do customers buy from me. This part of the thinking did not last less than two weeks. I remember it as a charming creative period, lots of ideas coming from everywhere, either friends, colleagues or ideas from the web, books, articles on trends. To confuse me even further, everything was catching my interest. In the end, I ran three different product ideas with very close friends, and My Bamboo Story emerged as the winner from the pack. I was overwhelmed with the choice because I believe that the purpose of My Bamboo Story is impressive, and it is a topic that I feel the passion for, and it makes me happy to work on it. Sustainability, nature and technology are all close to my heart. I will BLOG more about them in the future because each of them will take up a good part of my time. While I try to create a unique brand that blends Bamboo wood with high-end tech and attracts potential customers who believe that we can be more respectful toward nature without giving up technology, combining it will create a product diversity that customers could appreciate as a differentiator element and want to buy product instead of others. Bye for now, until my next BLOG keep .Denise



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Denise D’Elia

Denise D’Elia

I want to keep on Enrich!ing myself by constantly adding new skills and experiences. Founder of