Acquiring new skills during the #stay@home phase. “ The Manolo Group” Series.

Enrich! by learning new skills.

We are trying not to burn ourselves by working 12 hours a day continuously on video calls. This new way of working during the lockdown is driving all of us to seat in front of a screen for long hours. It cannot be healthy. We have now been grounded at home for several weeks and we have been busy keeping our minds healthy by wanting to make the most of this time by trying new skills or hobbies. As a group, we started to think about what new hobbies would be worth trying or to start or to resume from the past. I started to write…you all know by now that I have started to keep a family diary during the pandemic, Breath to Blossom, until now I have written more than 30 articles and I am keeping up happily, I never thought I would become a writer and to publish my articles ….unimaginable, but here we are on Medium…

Riccardo has become the bread maker of the family every Sunday at lunch he blesses our meal with a new homemade loaf and every Sunday is a different bread. He started because he needed a de-stressing activity from the ongoing vide. He is seriously enjoying spending time making bread and searching for new recipes. Today he even challenged himself by making walnut bread. It was delicious! While Barbara has a small garden, so that made her decide to challenge herself in creating a vegetable garden, in case the pandemic hits our supply chain she will be independent from the daily fresh grocery and add to that she also enjoys cooking her fresh harvested garden vegetables with her newly bought slow cooker. Marco also went for gardening but he is more into grass and flower planting, even if he has a small garden it surely keeps him busy, we see him on the weekly online happy hour looking very tan, it must mean that he is enjoying the flowering and the nice weather that has been with us since the beginning of the lockdown. We always spot beautiful flowers in the background of his house. Alex, has become an avid reader, he went for a target of 1 book per week, he prefers reading books about fiction, but I do question if over time he will broaden the topics that he wants to read about and also if he can keep with his target, the worlds’ most famous CEOs are the once that can read about 50 books per year. Maybe he is aiming for the top job. Surely, we could have chosen other hobbies such as becoming a painter or a musician or learning a new language, but we chose with spontaneity, driven from daily needs, or the utilization of what was available within the perimeter of our houses.

All our chosen hobbies are very simple and common and have been seen around for some time. For us, these are new activities and new challenges to be confronted with, we are all executives and never had the time to dedicate to hobbies, but correctly so we immediately took up the task, we never miss an opportunity and here we are busy with something that we never thought we would experience. It would be interesting to see when we will be back in circulation if our hobbies will stay on our sides if we will continue to cultivate them to keep us sane throughout other challenging times that we will face in the future, because they will come, or if we will just drop them and go back to old habits. In the meantime we like our added skills and they are definitely helping us to stay positive and keep us moving on and they are material for conversation during our weekly Happy Hour.


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Denise D’Elia

Denise D’Elia

I want to keep on Enrich!ing myself by constantly adding new skills and experiences. Founder of