What is cooking in the kitchen?


I am sitting in a restaurant, sipping my drink, and I have just made my order. I feel at peace, starting to relax after a long hectic working day and looking forward to when the meal will arrive. I like cooking but never really thought to get into the business of hospitality. I enjoy cooking for friends and family at home; a lovely Sunday lunch will make the description of me as a cooker.

While sipping my drink, my thoughts started to imagine the order I had just placed and how the chef would receive it. I would love to be in the kitchen and see my plate made, choosing the ingredients, cooking the products and as a final step, composing the plate for the pleasure of the eyes. While I follow those images, I start thinking about My Bamboo Story and what happens in the kitchen of online retailers such as mine, if you would allow me the similarities. I see myself working on my website, choosing and then ordering the products that customers will buy, to the end to the delivery to the front door, in good shape and in time.

Now, I like to be the chef of My Bamboo Story; I like to think that I have a kitchen to run, and I would love to find a way to share my kitchen with you so that together we can build the product of your choice.

I started paying attention to my friend, while talking about the multiple things we had achieved during the week, I shared my latest thoughts about the similarities between running a kitchen and an online retailer.
My friend looks at me and starts smiling, nodding that I could be correct; there could be more similarities than we have never considered and even lots’ to learn from running a restaurant to improve the shopping experience best.

We drop the conversation about the kitchen, and we get bold up into another amusing conversation. The evening flows nicely, and when the food arrives, the plate is made to perfection for the palate’s pleasure and the eyes. In the car, on my way home, my thoughts went back to the similarities, and I wondered how I could join the dots between such different industries. I decided that this could be an element of differentiation between My Bamboo Story and other competitors. The kitchen is worth a brainstorming session with colleagues to elaborate further on the potential and understand the implications of potential changes such to expand the personal shopper service that we already provide but we could embrace further.

Stay tuned; something unique may be cooking in the kitchen of My Bamboo Story.



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Denise D’Elia

I want to keep on Enrich!ing myself by constantly adding new skills and experiences. Founder of www.mybamboostory.com